Five Minute Friday: Compromise

I am uninspired as I read the prompt for this week’s Five Minute Friday.1 “Compromise” is the word for the day. Nothing comes to mind. In fact, I find myself disappointed, perhaps even a bit annoyed that I didn’t receive a more inspiring or fun word to contemplate, a word that coincides with my thoughts in recent days.

No, I just won’t do this one.

And isn’t compromise an irritating word? Someone has to make a sacrifice. No one gets exactly what they want.

But does someone gain a portion of what they want if I concede some of what I want? Are we better off sharing and releasing some of our wishes, instead of standing apart, choosing sides, refusing to budge? What do we gain if no one gives or takes?

And so today I write.

Thank you, God, for this humbling lesson about my own self-interest, my own stubbornness. Free me from my selfish stances. Keep me from digging in my heels and instead, help me to step out always with your love and grace.


Dear Readers,
I have been working on a new blog series which will begin next week, “Can I Ask You Something, Jesus?” I pray that these will bless your spiritual journey, and I appreciate your prayers as well!

18 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: Compromise

  1. Karen, I’m not thrilled with compromise either…but have found it an unlikely road to grace.

    I used to maintain an Olympic level of fitnes (it had been needed in my work), and then…cancer.

    The workouts became harder, and then impossible. I had to compromise, and accept that which I could still do. And with that acceptance came the knowing that while the outcome could not be the same, the challenge was actually enhanced, for I had to push against not only muscle fatigue, but other levels of pain and and almost existential weariness.

    Conquering these last became their own raison d’etre, and have, I think, reshaped character.

    Perhaps I might offer a poetic analogue? I hope you like it.

    The snow came down to compromise
    with the winter sun,
    and, yes, to our human eyes,
    it seems that both have won.
    The snow would fall throughout the night,
    and in early morning,
    the sun with measured heat and light
    would set a crust to forming
    as the topping layer melted;
    then night would bring re-freeze,
    and though they would not have felt it,
    this armour brought release
    to the seeds that then could sleep
    protected through the winter deep.


    • Oh my goodness, Andrew you are such a gifted writer!! I am blessed by every word. Thank you for adding so much depth to this post.

      I continue to marvel at your spirit. I had ovarian cancer five years ago, and yes, such challenges do reshape our character. I only wish you could experience the remission I have had. Each day is a precious gift. Peace, my friend.

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    • Karen is a dear friend whom l have been following since l “met” her in “Christ in our Home”. l have received a bonus in getting to read your posts! You have touched my heart with your posts and your absolutely beautiful poem. Your story has Blessed all who read it and humbled me. You are in my prayers for strength, comfort peace and healing! You have much to give our world! May our Loving God Bless you❣️🙏🙏😇


      • Pat- I am glad you found Andrew, too. In the midst of his challenges he finds a beautiful way to bless. His blog is inspirational and courageous.


  2. I understand your feeling about the word compromise. When we started our journey to get Hearing Aids for Sandi we had to compromise to get the very best she could afford! I believed with prayer and help from the audiologist we got a better deal than l expected! We gave up somethings but we got Hearing Aids that are chargeable, no more hard to handle batteries! That feature alone was an answer to prayer and one thing we didn’t even ask for! Our prayer was to God to help us get the best we could for what she could afford and He Did‼️ Praise and thanks to our Loving Lord!


    • I love the personal stories you share that help to bring the message home! Thank you- yes, compromise can become a blessing. 🥰


  3. One more reply! Prayers for your new Blog series! Will be looking forward to that❣️🤗


  4. I felt the same way about the word compromise, but I found (as I always do) that when I honestly sought God, He made himself known. Life’s not always exciting, but it can be always beneficial


  5. I love your openness and vulnerability in your posts. I to struggled with compromise. God bless x


    • Thank you so much, Loretta- and for sharing your struggle, too! I am blessed by you and other writing companions each Friday!


  6. I struggled with “compromise” too. I’m really glad you still took it on.


    • Thanks, Paula! This one seems to have challenged quite a few of us. I’m thankful for this writing community!


  7. Thank you for being so honest! I too was a little disappointed when I saw “compromise” was the writing prompt. Sometimes it helps to just start writing and it all somehow comes together in the end. 🙂

    Annie FMF#12


    • I appreciate your supportive note, Annie! Several of us struggled with that one. You’re right, just start writing. Thanks so much!


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