(Week 5) What Is Your Favorite Part of Creation?

Jim and I were up extra early this morning, so I had the opportunity to watch the sunrise. I invited Jesus to join me as I hurriedly walked to the open field for the best view. Once there, I stood reverently before the breaking dawn and envisioned him with me, both of us taking in the glorious colors as the sun peeked over the trees. An incredible sense of joy filled my soul, as I savored the radiance of God’s creation while feeling Jesus’s presence so near.

I stood there for quite a while, not wanting to leave this precious moment with the sunrise and with him. I felt as if Jesus genuinely appreciated the invitation to join me in my silent moments of awe and worship. There were no questions to ask him today. The moment and his presence were enough.

God’s glory is all around us, God’s glory is always within us. We will have our sacred experiences, our profound inspirations, and our glorious sunrises. We will also have our days of our deep heartaches, our dry desert places, and our gray and gloomy days. The glory of God remains, in the majesty and the mundane, in the profound and the trivial, in the joys and sorrows, in the jubilation and the despair. God comes to us in the weary hours of the night, and in the early moments of a fresh new day. When we pause to notice, we will find God’s glory in everything.

Reluctantly, I finally turned for home. As I crossed the field, my feet wet with dew, I suddenly had one special question for my morning companion.

“What is your favorite part of creation, Jesus?”

He answered with one word.


I grinned. Because I knew that Jesus would give that same answer to anyone who asks.

Thank you, Jesus.

Photo by Karen on a glorious, sacred morning.

2 Comments on “(Week 5) What Is Your Favorite Part of Creation?

  1. I loved your post and your very lovely photo today. Your photos are all wonderful Karen and you pick perfect ones to go with your theme! Being a morning person this is my favorite time of day! It is a time of peace and joy to begin the day with Jesus and though summer sunrises are glorious being in Oregon l have learned even Cloudy ones have their own beauty! Really enjoying this series and sharing them with Sandi! Blessings and thanks to you❣️💕❤️💖🙏🙏🙏😇

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    • Aww thank you, dear Pat! Mornings are my favorite, and I know I would love spending them with you. Bless you both!


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