Five Minute Friday: Respect

A Juxtaposition

God, lead me to live a life worthy of respect
integrity of purpose
honesty of words
kindness of actions
purity of spirit
genuineness of love

but also~

God, lead me to respect those with whom I struggle
with that same
integrity of purpose
honesty of words
kindness of actions
purity of spirit
genuineness of love

(This prompt is from Kate’s Five Minute Friday post- her link is under the photo. Each blogger has one word, five minutes to write. I encourage you to check out the other thoughtful posts!)

12 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: Respect

  1. Karen, I agree with Amie; this is a lovely prayer.

    It used to be me, but as my life has been unraveled by cancer, so too, perhaps, my character. There’s only the fight, and what kindnesses I can still show. The world’s clown-parade, with all its myriad cacophonic diversity, can rumble on down the street and into future’s distance. I have not now the strength to worry about it.

    I sought for admiration,
    laurel wreath clipped to my hair,
    but without equivocation
    I now find I don’t care
    for praise can’t take the pain away;
    ‘gainst sick, respect is lost;
    in banal cruelty of each day
    I cannot bear the cost
    of caring what others might think,
    of holding what they say
    as my ego’s food and drink;
    all that has gone away
    to leave me here, on bloody land,
    alone to make this final stand.


    • Your honesty is so painfully genuine and for that I am grateful- for yet another powerful insight from you. Thank you for the humbling thoughts. You are still so much in my heart!

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      • Karen, thank you so much; that means more than I can say.
        Last night and this morning have been just world-class awful; morphine would be great, but it would also be lethal, so that’s kind of a non-starter, there.
        But it’s still a beautiul day, out my winow.


  2. Karen, l don’t know how l missed this but it popped up this early morning when l read your Simply Soul Searching but missed the e-mail😱 It is a lovely prayer. I was also touched by Andrew’s poem that brought thoughts and tears and prayers for this gifted man. Blessings for you and him❣️❤️💕💖🙏🙏🙏🤗


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