Five Minute Friday: Right

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Could the right path not always be the easy one, the well-worn path that others have followed?

Could “right” be doing what is wrong for the good of others?

Could giving up our “rights” for one another be the best use of them?

Could our best right choice be to refrain from insisting that we are?

Perhaps our happiness is less about being right, doing all the right things, or clinging to our rights, but in simply finding our joy at God’s right hand.

You show me the path of life.
    In your presence there is fullness of joy;
    in your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

(Psalm 16:11 NRSV)

11 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: Right

  1. oh what a great verse to consider with this prompt. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    Glad I stopped by!


  2. Love that last one❣️ You are so “Right”‼️🤗👏👍


  3. Karen, for some reason my comment didn’t appear, even ‘awaiting moderation’…so I’m posting it again. Sorry if it duplicates!
    Beautifully said, Karen, and the Scripture you chose is perfect.
    There are those who, seeing my circumstances, would see me ‘curse God and die’, for things are very hard now (it’s almost impossible to face food and drink, and the tumour in my neck really hurts, and…but I digress). Did I not, after all, have some right to expect a life that didn’t include cancer, at least not now…or at least the wherewithal to get threatment, and palliative care? Why do I keep drawing eights and aces (the ‘dead man’s hand’)? Surely this can’t be right!
    But I really don’t see it this way. I don’t know the why, or the ‘rightness’, and even in God’s presence I may not understand, but the point is to deal with what’s at hand; not, perhaps, making lemonae of lemons, but in taking the sour fruit and biting down hard, chewing and swallowing.
    It seems that taking the cup, and drinking it own, is the right thing to do.
    Or maybe, as some have suggested, I’ve taken a few too many hits in the maul, and have Rugby Brain.
    I must stand and take this,
    and I must understand
    that with my body’s Judas-kiss
    I must be at God’s left hand.
    The work that He has planned for me
    is here, and, man, it hurts;
    tumours gain their victory,
    but it’s not for me to curse
    because I see the privilege
    of living out these days
    upon a bloody razor’s edge;
    I still have strength to praise
    the God who formed me in the womb,
    the Friend who plucks my soul from doom.


    • Once again, you reach us beyond our deepest soul with your words of truth. I thank God for every word you write and share. I thank God for you, dearest Andrew. Peace, my friend.

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  4. “Perhaps our happiness is less about being right, doing all the right things, or clinging to our rights, but in simply finding our joy at God’s right hand.”

    Love this! And I love Psalm 16:11. I actually shared it on one of my latest blog posts.

    Annie FMF #18


  5. May we simply find joy at God’s right hand each and every day! Have a joy-filled weekend!


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