(Week 8) …

As I began this week’s walk with Jesus, I could sense I was struggling right from the start. Part of my struggle was that I hadn’t slowed my spirit enough to settle in and listen. I also sensed that I was pushing for words to write, more than simply listening for what Jesus would have to say to me personally (this often happens to me). We walked in silence for quite a while. 

Eventually I noticed how nice it was to just walk in the silence. But I did ask Jesus to truly guide my thoughts and help me know what question he would want to me to ask. 


A few minutes later, I was uncomfortable. “Stay with me Jesus, until I can calm my own soul.”


“Jesus, Is there some deeper meaning for me in the silences? In the quiet spaces?”

Wait on me Karen. Wait for me.

“I’m okay with just walking with you in the silence, Jesus.”

(And yet I couldn’t be quiet.)

“What are you doing when I think you are silent? Are you deep in your own thoughts as we walk along?  Or are you simply allowing space for my own thoughts? Are you trying to teach me humble patience? Or do you long to just be my silent companion today?”


“Teach me to shut up Jesus.”

I closed the cell phone app I use to record my thoughts, and tucked my phone into my pocket.

(Photo by Karen)

6 Comments on “(Week 8) …

  1. Oh My Karen, That would be me! I have felt like l might have done something wrong and He is waiting for me to Fess up, when He is silent but He is trying to slow me down, listen more and just be Patient❣️🙏🙏
    Your sentence “ – – l hadn’t slowed my Spirit enough to settle in and Listen”. Spoke to my heart❣️This was a really Godly Lesson today to “ Wait on the Lord, His timing is perfect!” Blessings❣️❤️🎈🙏🙏🙏😇


    • You always add such beautiful wisdom to my thoughts, dear Pat. Blessings to you and Sandi this week!!!


  2. This is so real, spiritual friend. Always thank you for offering the gift of your vulnerability.


  3. Well, I guess he told you without using his words! Smack closed the cell phone app & tucked in pocket…did we?? Love his subtleness 🙂 And how I love your blog!!!


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