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I believe I am finally shedding my cocoon of protection created during the cold, harsh realities of a winter season that lasted far too long. These summer days have warmed my soul, brightened my outlook, and inspired me to begin living and growing again.

But will I emerge from this cocoon as the same person who formed and entered it? Or will I have been transformed in some way?

I’m writing this on my back porch, looking upon green forested hills, listening to birdsong and hummingbird wings, feeling cool morning humidity against my skin, savoring the aroma of my hazelnut coffee, immersing myself in my thoughts, and being overwhelmed with gratitude for this day.

Yes. This liminal time in the cocoon has made my vision clearer, my appreciation deeper, my heart softer. My protective cocoon has been left behind, and new, vulnerable skin has been exposed; skin that may be more sensitive to wounds, but skin that yearns to embrace all of life with loving hope and gentle tenderness.

May I now develop wings to fly, God, that I may flutter with your wind, alight on your creation, and softly touch others with your incredible goodness.

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  1. I love the idea of summer as the time after you emerged from a cocoon of liminal space. What a lovely way to think about it!


  2. I love the idea of seasons transforming us, remaking us into newer, different versions. It is with hope and peace we face our newness.
    I can also smell the hazelnut coffee from here.


    • I so appreciate your additional thoughts! Yes, “with hope and peace we face our newness.” Thank you!


  3. Karen, I love the idea of emerging from our cocoons. So true in more ways than one! May you have a wonderful summer!


  4. Like a butterfly, may your exodus bring beauty to all who see you.

    Amie, FMF #14


  5. Yes, summer does just that….warms our souls!! And how I have so enjoyed it!! Here’s to several more weeks of soul warming:)


  6. Ok, so I cant/dont take the time to respond to everything you write. You know me well enough though. You know what I would say about each…”this one’s my favorite yet!!” You have such a gift, Karen. Please dont ever stop writing & sharing!


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