This week, I participated in the annual HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE. Each day, we were given a word and invited to share an image and our thoughts on that theme. I thought I would share my contribution here, too. May you find many blessings this weekend. Thank you for stopping by!


We support one another best not from a distance,
shouting words of encouragement
standing perfectly upright and pristine
serving as a model to emulate.

We support one another best in coming together,
listening with full attention
leaning fully and freely into each other
learning as we go…


When the journey is uncertain
and I cannot see ahead;
when the path divides before me
and no tracks are there to tread –
I remember you are with me
and trust that I am led.


We arise before dawn
put the coffee on
get ready for our day
take a few moments to pray
then wave our goodbyes
with love in our eyes.

I return to my desk
to journal and reflect
ask God for new insight
embrace God’s delight
then walk to the sunrise
with joy in my eyes.

I go on with my day
know God leads the way
feel more prepared
(a little less scared)
then meet each surprise
with hope in my eyes.

We say our “goodnight”
turn out the light
consider the day
thank God as I pray
then breathe quiet sighs
with peace in my eyes.

Thank you for my everyday tasks
for they provide a sense of normalcy
when life is anything but.

Thank you for my morning routines
for they remain a source of centering
when life is filled with distraction.

Thank you for my daily reflections
for you are my certainty and my serenity
when life seems quite precarious.

Thank you for my ordinary routines
for they have become sacred, holy rituals
and life is significant and meaningful.


Commitment is perseverance…

the hunkering down to keep on walking
underneath the rain,
the typing of that one last word
as eyes begin to strain,
the rising after falling
even when you feel the pain

and knowing that in all things,
God is and will remain.

Commitment is faithfulness…

the standing still and steady
when you’d really rather leave,
the asking of hard questions
when you’d rather not believe,
the seeking of significance,
often difficult to perceive

and knowing that in all things,
God is here to help relieve.

Commitment is steadfastness…

the acting with integrity,
keeping promises you make,
the dedicating of yourself
to do the things that it might take,
the holding fast to all the gifts
within the sad heartache

and knowing that in all things,
your burdens God will take.

Commitment is attentiveness…

the tending of your heart and soul
as you live and serve and move,
the setting time for practices
when the push becomes a shove,
the receiving of encouragement
to do all of the above

and knowing that in all things,
you’re loved with Infinite Love.


Give me double vision, God –
the kind that helps me see
the hidden, deeper meanings
of the things that seem to be.

A special type of vision
to search the depths below
and find beneath the surface
what you would have me know.

Give me double vision, God –
to see more than meets the eye,
the significant magnificence
of earth and sea and sky.

A special type of vision
to find the gift within the trial,
the blessing in the heartache,
and your presence all the while.

Give me double vision, God –
help my eyes and then my head
to see more to someone’s story
than what is being said.

A special type of vision
to see humanity anew
so when I meet another…

I find that I see you.

(Photos by Karen)


  1. There are people with a gift
    that I wish I had,
    giving the whole world a lift
    when it’s cold and sad
    with their poetry or prose,
    or songwriting skill.
    Would that I were one of those
    like you!, but it’s God’s will
    that I write that which I can,
    ephemera upon the breeze,
    following no master plan
    except that I might please
    those who stop and choose to read
    from curiosity or need.

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