I hope that regular readers have come to know that my blog posts are intended to encourage, uplift, and then prompt us all to share God’s love in the world.
I hope that my words give inspiration, comfort, and kindness.
I hope to remind readers of God’s infinite love for everyone as often as possible.
I hope to show the gifts and beauty of everyday moments and of all of creation.

Writing these thoughts brings joy and purpose to my soul.

But this week, I had been working on several drafts while pondering some new inspirations to share. Then, for yet another time, I sadly learned about the senseless killing of ten more black people in Buffalo, by a gunman whose very intention was to reduce their numbers.

My words seem futile. My encouragement seems pointless. My stories seem petty and insignificant against the backdrop of these incredibly painful tragedies.

Our family is beautifully diverse in color, orientation, and identity, and we are bonded by much more than birth and bloodline. Each time I hear these stories – far too many of them – that someone has been killed only because of who they are, my maternal heart and soul become so very angry, fearful, despairing, and terribly, terribly sad.

Please, PLEASE, keep pouring love into the world, dear friends.

This is all I have to say today.

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  1. If you don’t share compassion
    and all that it may bring,
    your days lack Christian action,
    and do not do a thing
    to foster Christ’s great kingdom
    (though you’ve Scriptures learned by heart);
    your life becomes your drawing-room
    in which you act the part
    of latter-day apostle
    for friends’ affirmation,
    but with a heart that’s hostile,
    you act above your station,
    and that smiling vivid play
    is what you’ll face on Judgement Day.


  2. Peace and grace to you. And a big hug from me.


  3. Dear Karen,
    On my walk this morning I felt the Holy Spirit tug at my heart. I will write Karen a note to let her know how her words uplift me. Sometimes I don’t follow through. I am writing today!! I have shared your words with my friends and family over the years I have followed this blog. Also,I have felt hopeless as these senseless acts of hate continue in our world. In our pastor’s sermon yesterday, he said we can start each day by thinking who we will share God’s love with today…Love is the anecdote to hate. We must carry on. Bless you dear dear Karen. I feel as though you are a dear friend.

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    • I’m overwhelmed right now by your kind words, Sandy. 😭♥️ Thank you so much! And thank you for sharing my posts… you are a light of hope for me today.
      You’re right. We must keep sharing love, continue to carry on. Bless you. Thank you.


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