I was well prepared to wait for my oil change and vehicle inspection – I had my cell phone and a good book to help pass the time. But my attention was drawn to an adorable little boy and his mom who were waiting at the shop, too. The young mother patiently answered the child’s many questions as she snuggled him into her lap. They told stories and played guessing games; their mutual joy was visibly evident. I had to chuckle when their vehicle was ready, for when the mother happily told her son that they could now go to his favorite play center – he protested! He wanted to stay in the waiting room!

I came away with a fresh perspective that morning. Can we learn to regard our times of waiting – whether for appointments, answers, occasions, recoveries, or brighter days – as opportunities to bask in God’s tender and attentive love? Can we learn to embrace this waiting time with God, instead of merely enduring it? Can we learn to slow our pace, draw close, settle in, ask our questions, and share our stories – until the appointed time, until things are in place, until we have healed, until the work is done, until we are ready?

For every uncertain or unproductive time, we have a sacred waiting room available, a quiet space in which we can rest and abide in God’s love. Each moment of waiting can become an opportunity for us to be still with God, rather than an obstacle for us to overcome. We can remain faithfully present to what is – if we recognize that God’s presence is included in what is. When the time is right, we can then move on with joy and gratitude for our time together…

and perhaps even wish we could stay just a little longer.

(Photo by Karen)

4 Comments on “WHILE WE WAIT

  1. Waiting is the journey
    to where we hope to thrive,
    and this life has learned me:
    trip’s better than to arrive,
    ’cause the hope that carries
    us along the rutted road
    ensures we doesn’t tarries,
    but, singing, take the load
    and keep our eyes on our North Star
    that tells us where we is,
    and whispers to us just how far
    to go until the quiz
    that asks us if this place we went
    is really longing heart’s content.


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