Some time ago, this boulder had the words, “Lord God Jehovah Returns May 21, 2011” stamped onto it. I noticed it last week while walking in our daughter’s neighborhood in Ohio. The words are now faded, but I thought about the certainty this person must have felt while having the boulder inscribed and then placing it in this prominent location. I also wondered why this person wasn’t embarrassed enough to remove this (now obviously incorrect) rock.

But then I asked myself, “What would my boulder say? Have I ever felt that certain about anything regarding God and God’s ways?”

My image of God has evolved and expanded over the years, from a judgmental father figure in the heavens to an infinite source of love and life. I have come to understand that when I try to describe God or explain God’s ways, I immediately limit God to my human capacity. My love for God is necessarily filled with reverence, awe, and wonder, because I cannot comprehend the mystery, the glory, the incredible power of this infinite source of being.

And yet…

I do believe that Jesus gives us a human glimpse of God. I believe Jesus when he describes God and teaches us the ways God would have us live and love. I believe Jesus when he assures us that we are all God’s beloved children. So, even as I believe that God is beyond our comprehension, I also know that God has also humbly become one with us – not only through Jesus, but also through the Spirit, through one another, and through all of creation.

My boulder would not have a predicted date for God to arrive. I know with certainty – I feel with certainty – that God is already here; God is already surrounding us, among us, and within us.

If I were to emblazon a boulder with my statement of certainty, it would simply read:
God is infinite Love – and is with us right here, right now.

Thank you, God.

(Blurry photo by Karen, Alliance, OH 🙂 )

4 Comments on “CERTAINTY

  1. I look on God with certainty
    from here at Heaven’s door;
    no longer is there mystery,
    for I have learned the score.
    It’s not that I cannot be cured,
    or that He refuses;
    rather, what I have endured
    has for us both some uses.
    For Him, it’s that my faith survives
    as ministry, through the ordeal.
    For me each moment I’m alive
    acts as spur to keep it real.
    Thus bumper sticker’s true, fersure:
    “My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter.”

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  2. I was thinking about a message for a boulder placed in a public place where everyone who would come by and could read and consider.
    I heard a sermon a long time ago and I have it written down where I would take notes of the Pastor’s messages. I have thought of it many times since. If I were to emblazon a boulder with my statement of certainty, it would be the title of the sermon:
    “It Matters How You Live”.

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    • I hope you know that you have impacted my life beautifully, Diana. Your boulder would perfectly describe you.


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