Last week, our 17-year-old grand-dog Lacy was gently put to rest. Our daughter had rescued Lacy from a shelter fourteen years ago and she quickly became a dear and faithful companion. We especially grieve for our daughter and her family, but we feel our own sadness, too. A few years ago, Jim and I kept Lacy for a few months while our daughter was relocating to a new home, and we grew very fond of that sweet dog. We took several daily walks, snuggled on the couch, spoiled her with treats, and enjoyed her loving presence. We truly missed Lacy when she was reunited with her first love – our daughter – in their new home.

I was fortunate to spend a day with Lacy last week. I spent much of the time patting her and telling her how much she was loved, my tears flowing for her and all who have come to love her.

On the day that Lacy crossed, I quietly sat on our porch, feeling worried and sad for our daughter and son-in-law as they accompanied Lacy, and for our grandchildren grieving at home. The grief was almost overwhelming as I recalled so many tender moments. But then, I happened to look up and saw this cloud formation in the sky – the clouds resembled our Lacy, now frolicking happily across the heavens, with ears flying and joy on her face!

Life is a sacred mystery we will never fully understand, but life is filled with reverent and wondrous moments, especially in that private, precious, and profound passage from live into love. I do not know exactly how God works, but I do know that my life makes more sense, offers more beauty, and holds more hope because I feel God’s presence in it all. Our hearts may be sad, and yet we feel something more… something holy, mysterious, peaceful, and beyond all knowing… in the presence of Love that will always remain. Always.

(Photos by Karen, August 2022)

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  1. Dear Karen, I am so sorry for you and your family.

    The cost of love is very dear
    and the toll it takes is high,
    measured in each falling tear
    when time comes to say goodbye.
    Fading face goes with lost name
    that had once brought such bright joy,
    and we’ll never be the same,
    whatever wiles we may employ,
    but the scars are there by right,
    stigmata of a healthy heart,
    and though we’re now lost in the night,
    we’ll not always be apart,
    for the promise of the Cross
    is to make good the grief of loss.

    How could it be Heaven, if Lacy’s not there?


  2. All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all. 🐕💓😢

    And Karen, I am curious about Andrew. His poems are amazing. I had encountered him years ago on another blog, Books ‘n’ Such, and knew that he was dealing with illness. Is he doing okay these days?


    • Oh my yes, a perfect reminder for this time, thank you my friend.

      I keep updated with Andrew through his blog posts and here with his beautiful poems. I know that both he and I are surprised he is still with us, but I’m always grateful for every bonus insight. Thank you for checking. I imagine he will see this.


  3. Karen, there is an interesting serendipity at work, as I stopped breathing this afternoon and left my body. The dogs went crazy. Belle the Service Wolf almost caved in my ribs doing CPR and the Chihuahuas were all over me barking. The other ones gave these three room to work as I watched from outside.

    It also happened last week. Was the subject of current blog post.

    Very disoriented and shaken.


  4. Loved reading about your grand dog, Lacy.
    Ur daughter and family were BLESSED to have her 14 years!
    It’s just like God to send us things like Lacey’s image in the clouds and many other signs of His love and caring.
    My heart has thrilled and my faith grown as God speaks to us as u shared in ur devotion today , in a song, or in ways that amaze us that are only possible with “God with Us”!

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