Advent, my favorite season, begins next Sunday, November 27th!

Advent is our time to anticipate the birth of Jesus – and to invite his rebirth within us. In these weeks of waiting, reflecting, and preparing for Christ’s birth, we will look to four gifts that his presence among us has brought: the gifts of hope, peace, joy, and love. How will these gifts make a difference in us this season?   

I will be offering daily reflections under the theme, Advent: The Difference Between…

Each day, we will consider the difference in meaning of two similar sounding words, and how the gifts of Advent can bring about the better difference in our lives. How might Advent Hope turn our dreading into dreaming? How will Advent Joy move us from finishing to fulfilling? If you love words – and “the Word (who) became flesh and lived among us” (John 1:14) – I hope you will join me for this time of contemplation.

May these four gifts of Advent touch our lives with grace, make a holy difference within us, and most of all, transform us into genuine examples of God’s hope, peace, joy, and love for others.

I wish you every blessing of the season.
~ Karen 🙂

(Our Sunday reflection will be an overview of the gift of each week – Hope, Peace, Joy, or Love – followed by our daily weekday words. Saturday will be a day of rest.)

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  1. The train of hope’s a-comin’,
    I hear it round the bend,
    its big steel wheels a-hummin’
    a song that just don’t end
    about our God become a child,
    apple of His parents’ eye,
    to grow up forceful, grow up mild,
    grow to save and grow to die
    that we the sinful be washed clean
    of the filth in which we wallow,
    rise from the sty to catch a dream
    that we were made to love and follow,
    that through our dear Lord’s tortured grace
    we might come to know His face.

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