Dear Grandpa Bob has always said, “If you are thankful every day, you will have a happy life.” As the years pass, I have found his words to be true and beneficial. Even on my difficult days, if I can seek the hidden gifts, appreciate the deeper gifts, or anticipate the future gifts, I am uplifted and peaceful. We may intend our prayers of thanksgiving to honor and praise God, but when we genuinely thank God for all of life, we are blessing ourselves, too.

Thank you, God…
for every gift
that comes to mind today.
Accept our heartfelt gratitude
in the humble words we say.

Thank you, God…
for all the joys
you’ve given us this year,
for every celebration,
every moment of good cheer.

Thank you, God…
for keeping us
within your tender care,
for closely holding onto us
and the burdens that we bear.

Thank you, God…
for each success
in goals we have pursued,
and that even in our failure
we remain secure in you.

Thank you, God…
for every journey
in which we found a smile
and for your steadfast presence
as we walk each future mile.

Thank you, God…
that through our grief
your tender love is known,
that in those times when we must cry
we do not cry alone.

Thank you, God…
for each new day
and for the gift of living,
for we can see that life itself
comes from your joy in giving.

(Photo by Karen)

4 Comments on “GRATITUDE

  1. It’s the day after Thanksgiving,
    and I’m not feeling perky,
    but, still among the living,
    I’m glad I’m not a turkey.
    Christmas is just ’round the bend,
    and if I could pick and choose,
    I would surely not pretend
    I’d want to be a goose.
    There are fields of healthy soy
    all ‘cross Indiana,
    and the poor beasts would enjoy
    our seeing it as manna
    and lift the axe from ‘bove their head
    by eating Power Bars instead.

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