My hourglass is at that time;
more sand has passed
than what remains.
It seems the hours of my life
are not unlike
those transient grains.

May we cherish, hold as sacred,
this current time
now held in view.
The present moment is a gift,
one precious grain
just passing through.

With gratitude and reverence,
let’s live this day
in joy and love,
and focus on that center sand,
not what’s below
or yet above.

In looking to the narrow glass
and beholding
every minute,
we’ll find in each surprising grain
held within it.

With this perspective, we need not
lament the sand
that’s passed before;
nor worry with uncertainty
of how much sand
is yet in store.

When our hourglass has finished,
forever loved,
our life will be
beyond the hours and sands of time,
eternal and
forever free.

For Betty.
Photo by Karen.


  1. If I could keep time in a bottle,
    the first thing that I’d like to do
    is to say hell with this and bang on full throttle
    at cancer’s wall, and break on through
    to that other and happier sunnier side
    where pain doesn’t rule every day.
    I would be happy to swallow my pride
    if the Lord would just show me a way
    past the shallows and past threatening coral-heads,
    to show me an adequate lane
    that won’t leave this hull in aluminum shreds,
    and will let this old aeroplane
    find just one more time its own high-cast sky song
    ‘gainst the atoll that held it captive so long.

    Some explanation…flying remote island lagoons, it can be really hard to find a lane free of coral heads for landing, and subsequent takeoff.

    It’s fun, but sucks at the same time, dig it?


    • For completeness, I learned to operate flying boats in Florida, and to low-drag the intended landing run for gators. Hitting one could flip the aeroplane and offer his mates a free lunch .


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