The past is the beginning of the beginning
and all that is and has been
is but the twilight of the dawn.
~ H. G. Wells

Drop at the foot of the cross…
every wound we have kept
every tear we have wept
every burden we have borne
every shackle we have worn.

Bury in the darkness of the tomb…
each grudge held so long
each doubt kept, though wrong
each resentment relished
each judgment embellished.

Wait in the silent stillness of night…
in watchful attention
in prayerful intention
in thoughtful exploration
in quiet expectation.

Rise in the dawn of a bright new day…
with bodies replenished to labor
with senses restored to savor
with minds renewed to ponder
with souls refreshed to wonder.

Emerge in the freedom of the rolled-away stone…
to walk in faith, not fear
to hold one another dear
to grow with open mind
to live a life that’s kind.

As Jesus has risen, so may our goodness, too. Easter blessings to you, dear friends.

(Photo by Karen)


  1. Peter, John, come run and see,
    the tomb was not His prison!
    Death had lost its victory,
    for Jesus now is risen!
    I went early today to pray,
    for what else could I do?
    But the stone was rolled away,
    and I knew that it was true,
    His promise that He would return,
    and not leave us alone, bereft;
    the hope for which we lived to yearn
    had never ever really left.
    Peter, John, please look within
    upon the last defeat of sin!

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