(Today’s poem was inspired by this prayer blanket, lovingly fringed together by a few friends of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and given to me during my time with cancer.)

May my life become a blanket
made in your love, to share
your peace and gentle comfort
with soft and soothing care;
a cozy blanket that surrounds
with warmth and healing prayer.

Let me not become a blanket
only used by self to hide
the things I find displeasing;
instead, help me decide
to face what needs addressing
with you here by my side.

Let me not become a blanket,
like a universal law,
a rule with no exceptions
that covers one and all,
but allow for contradiction,
for mystery and awe.

May my life become a blanket
like the snow upon the ground,
sheltering the tender earth
so new life can abound;
providing rest and quietude
where new hope will be found.

(Photo by Karen)


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  2. Lovely. Made me think, and smile. Can’t have a special blanket here. It’ll get Henry-ed. (Huge deaf Pittie pup who thinks the world his chew toy.)

    As for the thinking bit, it made me want to hide my head in shame under…wait for it…a blanket.

    But here we go.

    I used to make blanket assumptions
    of acceptance or rejection,
    and then alter each presumption
    with a ‘well, of course ‘ exception
    that might embrace a cherished friend
    with whom there is shared history,
    but this did not bring an end
    to my own penchant for bigotry.
    It’s appalling, yes, I know,
    that I was willing to despise
    that God-given holy glow
    found even in non-Asian eyes,
    thinking all white folks were the same
    but for the few I cared to name.


    • Thank you, Andrew, I always appreciate your heart and your introspection. You revealed yet another blanket that I share at times, too. ❤

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