The dreary dawn reflected my spirit – gloomy, discouraged, downhearted – as I walked this morning. Even as I felt grateful for the many blessings in my personal life, I grieved for the world. Every day it seems there is something new to grieve, a new story of tragedy and heartache that is yet a repeat of yesterday’s story… and the story before that…

Jesus did say, “In this world you will have trouble…” and his words of truth have given me a broader perspective and deeper wisdom when troubles come. But on this morning’s walk, I felt such frustration and futility that I didn’t want to be reminded of this truth. I didn’t want any more perspective or wisdom. I wanted hope.

And then, upon reaching the hilltop, I saw the glow on the horizon. Yes, the clouds covered the sun’s brightness. Yes, the glow beneath the clouds was faint. But there was a glow.


The rest of Jesus’ words came to me: “But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33 NIV). There he was, revealing hope through the faint glow above the hills. Today may not be filled with the full light of a bright and infinite eternal joy – but a soft glow is all I need. There was just enough light, revealed in a perfect moment, to assure me that hope is always present. We can trust in this unfailing hope of God.

And we can help with sharing this hope in our world.

Eternity promises the full, bright light of love. But in the meantime, with one small kindness, one tender response, one genuine service, one encouraging word, we can become that soft morning glow on the horizon. We can offer enough light to help another face the next moment, to see God’s love a little more clearly, to glimpse the joy that is yet to come. We can become the gentle light of hope that brightens a dreary moment and radiates with quiet assurance that a new day will dawn.

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  1. He put the world into our hands
    when He drank the sacrificial cup,
    and who among us understands
    His thoughts on how we screwed it up.
    He’s coming back the way He was,
    blunt and very to the point,
    and we’d best worry big because
    He’s bent on cleaning up the joint.
    He sat not on some lofty perch
    with wine, to savour every sip;
    remember, once He went to church,
    and took along a whip.
    So gather rosebuds while ye may,
    ’cause it’s not long ’till Judgement Day.

    If I may, here’s a song from the Bellamy Brothers that really says it all.

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    • Interesting. My vision of entering eternity is much different… more forgiving, merciful, loving. Hopeful. 😏
      Even when we differ, I always appreciate your thoughts and creativity, Andrew. Thank you.

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  2. Dear Karen, thank you for your wise words. They came at just the right time! Blessings to you for sharing your light of hope!


    • Thank you for your gracious words, Sandy. I hope you are doing well! You remain in my heart.


  3. Oh, my wise & gentle friend; you always seem to know (thank you God, for showing her the way) how best to share with those of us that need to hear & feel the truth, patience & love God has for all of us. And yes, Sandy is right…this comes just at the right time!


    • Thank you, dear Kay. And now, you and Sandy have become my glow on the horizon in God’s perfect timing. Thank you for your gracious words and encouragement. Hope you are well!


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