Now the day gently rises
upon early dawn
and the choir of creation
soon bursts into song.

May I join with the praise
of each songbird chorus
and in giddy delight
applaud with the forest.

May I glean inspiration
through nature, your teacher
proclaiming your presence
and kinship with creature.

May I speak of your hope
and divine mystery;
let each word of comfort
be a kind liturgy.

May I seek out the sacred
with deep reverence,
through holy, awed silence,
and sweet penitence.

May I share the communion
of human connection
through the breaking of bread
with love and affection.

May I sense you are moving
in breezes that blow,
in the smile of another,
in the soft morning glow.

May I savor the rituals
that order my day
with the walking, the writing,
the moments I pray.

May I feel benediction
as day becomes night,
when I peacefully thank you
and turn out the light.

May I find each day holy,
a blessed sacrament,
and so honor each moment
with sacred intent.

(Photo by Karen)


  1. The poem glows with grace…and what kind of filter did you use for the lovely photo?

    Yeah, ‘nother metastasis,
    now in the other arm.
    I’m really quite fed up with this
    attempt to do me harm,
    and I wrestle Satan through the night
    that my faith will not be shaken,
    and I know I’ll be alright
    once I again have taken
    my morning view of the bright sun
    peeping over brow of hill,
    a reminder of the One
    whose mercy and whose Holy Will
    brings warm glow of dawn-time creeping
    to end the restless hours of sleeping.

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    • Thank you, my friend. The photo was taken on my cellphone with no special filter (I’m an amateur at that 😉).
      Thank you for your words of hope. Bless you always.

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      • As I think more about this photo, I may have lowered the incoming light – that is one filter I do sometimes use (the photo was taken in April of 2022).

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