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Short thoughts on a word prompt through the Five Minute Friday writing community

Five Minute Friday: Progress

The Progress in the Pauses Do we keep creeping forward with our headlights on lowas the fog closes in all around us~or might this be the moment that God has in mind to awaken, amaze and astound us? Do we forge ahead through stormy… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Progress”

Five Minute Friday: Respect

RESPECTA Juxtaposition God, lead me to live a life worthy of respectwith integrity of purposehonesty of wordskindness of actionspurity of spiritandgenuineness of love but also~ God, lead me to respect those with whom I strugglewith that sameintegrity of purposehonesty of wordskindness of actionspurity of… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Respect”

Five Minute Friday: Young

YOUNG(For my grandchildren, with love and gratitude.) May we in our maturity keep finding delightin butterflies, birds, and bubbles in flight. May we in our wisdom always leave roomto discover new ways we may learn, grow and bloom. May we with our wounds and… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Young”

Five Minute Friday: Smile

When our reasons to smile may seem so few and the rare smiles that come are hidden from view under masks that protect but also deny our emotions we hide behind seeing eyes. May we turn to the One who will always remain to… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Smile”

Five Minute Friday: Endure

In 2015, I learned that I had ovarian cancer after four masses were found in my abdomen. I soon began a nine-week regimen of chemotherapy to shrink the masses before surgery. After surgery, a port was placed on my rib to allow additional treatments… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Endure”

Five Minute Friday (But Posted Sunday): People

(I am posting late- had a busy weekend- but this is from Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday prompt. The link is under her prompt photo. Thank you, Kate and fellow writers!) The People of Thursday, July 2… Jim and I leave home early to… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday (But Posted Sunday): People”

Five Minute Friday: Compromise

I am uninspired as I read the prompt for this week’s Five Minute Friday.1 “Compromise” is the word for the day. Nothing comes to mind. In fact, I find myself disappointed, perhaps even a bit annoyed that I didn’t receive a more inspiring or… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Compromise”

Five Minute Friday: Worth

God, help me to remember that my worth is found in your loving gaze. Much like the ragged but beloved stuffed animal, you behold me as a treasure, no matter how worn and weary I may feel. Much like the photo of a precious… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Worth”

Five Minute Friday: How

Thanks again to Kate Motaung and the FMF Community for these Friday inspirations! If you are interested in participating, simply follow the link under the image. This week’s prompt is HOW. HOW… How do I best serve you, God? How do I know what… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: How”

Five Minute Friday: Stay

Dear Readers,I recently joined a lovely writers’ group support page, “Five Minute Friday- Encouraging and Equipping Christian Writers“1. Each week, we are given a word and an opportunity to write for five minutes! This is my first week to try this. Thanks to Kate… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Stay”