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Short thoughts on a word prompt through the Five Minute Friday writing community


Uplifting God, Oh, I thank you for the many times you have lifted mefrom my burdens of sorrow, guilt, and worry! How might I lift others in return? Do I lift their names to you in prayer?Do I raise my voice to speak for… Continue Reading “FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY: LIFT”


Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt immediately brought to mind a cartoon I saw recently. Two people are looking at a number on the floor; one says it is a six, the other claims it is a nine. Because of where they stand, they each… Continue Reading “FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY: DISAGREE”


SLOW I want to be slow enough to savor the everyday to notice the hidden to remain with the present to seek the significance to include the details to embrace the entirety But most of all to listen for all that I might hear… Continue Reading “FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY: SLOW”


This morning, our word prompt brings to mind “re-cover,” as a parent re-covers a sleeping child during the night… Re-cover me, Godwhen I feel exposed to criticism when I feel vulnerable with my lovewhen I feel unprotected from my fears. Re-cover me, Godwith your… Continue Reading “FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY: RECOVER”


Today’s Five Minute Friday word prompt brings a smile! I am reminded of a morning years ago, when my son was in high school… The students were taking final exams, so they were on a different class schedule. As long as they had written… Continue Reading “FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY: EXCUSE”

Five Minute Friday: Grief

I remember the humorous story of the young student, when asked to recite a Bible verse from memory, proudly stated, “Jesus wept.” This verse (John 11:35) is the shortest one in the Bible – and the easiest to remember! But in these difficult and… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Grief”

Five Minute Friday: Cancel

Our word prompt for today, CANCEL, has been with us too much this year. As our plans continue to be canceled or postponed, we can become increasingly discouraged, frustrated, or sorrowful. But in some cases, we can be relieved or even joyful, such as… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Cancel”

Five Minute Friday: Ahead

I look ahead; I’m eagerfor the plans I have in mind.I look around and find thatYou are cheering from behind. I look ahead; I’m fearfuland my mind is filled with dread.I look within and hear Yousaying, “Look to me instead.” I look ahead; I’m… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Ahead”

Five Minute Friday: Vote

Happy birthday, my son.My greeting feels hollow.You’ve faced difficult days –seems more are to follow. Happy birthday, my son,though fires burn around,thick smoke fills your air,and ash coats the ground. Happy birthday, my son.On this day of your birth,are you wishing that leaderswould care… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Vote”

Five Minute Friday: Disappoint

“Disappoint” is an appropriate word for this year,a word I’ve grown weary of considering.I would much rather write of hope, joy, and cheer,of moments and times worth remembering.But life holds much more than wonderful newsor goals achieved or a glorious view,and in the valley… Continue Reading “Five Minute Friday: Disappoint”